The Observer is observed – J Krishnamurthy

The Observer is observed, Yes , this is the fact. When you look at any thing, what you observe? you observe the things on the basis of your past knowledge and experience. Knowledge and experience is the field in which your mind thinks. Mind can not think beyond knowledge and experience field unless mind is free from past. So, in such case , mind can not be creative thinker unless it is free. Who is observer? Observer is the bundle of thought related to Virtual I, I am this , I am that etc. Thus, Virtual I is finally thought and thought is the space and time. Virtual Thought whenever faces problem, wants to solve problem through thought which creates more problem  psychologically. We need to understand it deeply.

Krishna Murthy Says that , when you look at any things, see it as fact not through past knowledge and experience.

In such case, creativity will flow from mind.



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