How to think

In order to make our lives successful, the one ability we need to master more than any things else.

It is the ability how to think and how not to think

Thinking can make our heart race or slow it down,

Thinking can change chemical composition in our blood,

Thinking can make us happy or sad

So we do need to focus on learning this art of thinking.

Many people , they even do not even realize that they have freedom to develop in themselves the emotion they choose. They feel that their moods are subject to the external environment and that is why, if something goes wrong on outside, they feel they are obliged to feels sorrowful, miserable etc

But the point they miss out is that between the external environment and the inner emotions we harbor Is a gap. That gap gives us freedom master our thought and emotions in accordance with our values and the beliefs. Those who do not know this gap, their emotions are affected by weather.

Those who learned to master their emotions, they carry their weather with them, So, we need to understand that our thought is not subject to the external environment, we need to learn how to master our thinking pattern.

Today , I give one tool how to think. Tool is chintan –contemplation.

We can not master on all but focus on how to think is important. It determine your focus of your life

1-So do not try to do all yourself,

2-Allocate time for all- do not try to blow what your emotions like to do. Emotional mind think that it can do what I can do all with perfection irrespective of focusing on time and energy.

3-Then develop the good habit of contemplation. Contemplation is directed thinking pattern. Take one idea and start to think only about that idea for longer time and do not allow your mind to be wondered.



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