October 21, 2019

Personality Development

Important successful habbits’

Concentration-Whatever you are doing, do with full attention

Discipline (Self Management)-  All the time , you are doing something, even you are procrastinating, you are doing the work of relaxation, . You do what you enjoy, so it is better to do what is important for you as per your goal. Sacrifice short term pleasure for long term goal.

Health Management-Health is very important, so stick to your routine and take sound sleep even you do not like. Not feeling to do is your bad hobbits.

Setting Goal –Set your daily goal and stick to it and think all the time about your goal.

Result oriented-Do work as per your priority not on the basis what you enjoy. you will have pain for short term for such decision but it is beneficial for long term.

Relationship Management-Accept everybody as it is and not try to change. Just give example of your self if u want to teach somebody. Everybody is made of three guna as you know-tam, raj and sat guna.

Honesty against your work (Which can be done right now, if it is postponed for one hour , it meas you have procrastination habbit )

Note: These above thought must be going all the time and doing accordingly to get meaningful life.



             You are suffering because our sub conscious thinking pattern is not giving you intelligence to relate to the situation wisely. It is your subconscious  which is not giving you appropriate intelligence to deal with the situation. If there is electrical equipment and if you put your  finger on switch or plugin and get shocked and you get shocked more if u do not know how to handle equipment appropriately.

To become conscious of subconscious is the vision of wise living. Since we are subconscious , we are not aware of our subconscious. If we are aware , we are subconscious, then it is not subconscious because your are aware, you are conscious that you are subconscious.

If you are  subconscious  , it is going to create prison and prison for you. Even your body can create prison, like pimple if you do not relate your body wisely. your pimple can create prison for you mentally. Purpose of life is to create awareness in self-Conscious living. This is yoga . At this level sorrow is out of body.

We say , our history goes on repeating but it is not so because it is not history but only our subconscious repeating. Krishna says it is your subconscious living which suffer but if you are conscious , difficult converts into opportunities.

If you are conscious , situation become opportunity to empower , to contribute, to learn , when you decide to learn  from the situation. You are suffering because of awareness and subconscious thinking. You see your world from your limited believe prison.

So, expand your awareness and conscious pattern thinking to enjoy your blissful life.